Problems with persistent connections

Oct 28, 2009 at 10:15 PM
Edited Oct 28, 2009 at 10:21 PM

Ok, I've implemented everything on my website but I seem to have an issue and am quite baffled. Here's my scenario...

1) User logs into Facebook and checks the "Keep me logged in" box.

2) User types in the address to my website, goes there, is now logged in with their Facebook account (everything works fine and dandy up to this point).

3) User closes their web browser.

4) User opens their web browser and visits my website, it says they are logged out (even though the "Keep me logged in" box was checked).

5) They refresh the page or click on a couple of links to other sections of the site and the are logged in with their Facebook account.

I can't understand why upon initially loading the page for my website where I've implemented FBConnectAuthentication, it says there is NoSignatureFound, but upon refresh it works every single time. Any ideas? I've tried to explain it as clearly as possible.

I should also mention that on the same "test" page I've set up, I have some fbml... in particular, this: <fb:profile-pic uid="loggedinuser" size="square" facebook-logo="true"></fb:profile-pic> and upon initial load that doesn't even work, but when I refresh it pops up with the picture of the logged in user.

So, why won't this work when I'm loading the site in a new browser, with a brand new server session?

I should also mention that you may be able to test this out and re-produce what I'm talking about here. Try this page:

1) Connect to my site

2) Go to Facebook, log out, then log in (ensuring you've checked the "Keep me logged in box")

3) Close your browser

4) Open your browser and then re-visit: Upon initial load it will say no user is logged in but refresh the page and you'll show up...

Thanks for any advice you can offer!